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Irene is the 1% of realtors that's honestly honest, fully transparent, and responds quickly without intruding. We started looking for a house in New York and New Jersey area and tasked Irene with our NJ search. Quickly thereafter we started getting screened results, we saw a few properties very quickly and eventually found one that fit our budget and dreams. Because she's also a multiple home owner she knows a bit about construction and style. Irene knew the buying process very well and held our hands as we started putting in offers. She even recommended lawfirms and mortgage brokers for us to start our search. During the closing time she successfully helped us negotiate and joined us for every meeting.

Arseny Lebedev and Katerina Vorotova

Irene is an excellent Realtor. She is friendly, hard-working, and knowledgable about her business. She was highly recommended to me by a mutual friend and client and her professionalism and expertise far exceeded my expectations. As a first time home buyer, I was naturally nervous about the process because I am often times indecisive and uncertain about my choices. I was intimidated about shopping for a new home and making the right decision. Luckily, I found Irene. She was attentive and considerate of my goals and finances and worked diligently to present listings that fit my budget, needs, and style. It only took us one weekend to find my new dream home.She was always available to answer all of my questions and promptly responded to all messages. She and her colleagues accomodated me with access to the property prior to the closing and made sure that my requests were met and needs were satisfied. She also recommended an attorney to handle the closing and emailed me information about neighborhood restaurants and activities that I might enjoy. Working with Irene on my first home purchase was a dream and I would recommend her to anyone, especially first time buyers.

Biana Savikin

Irene is an experienced broker who has the inside track to navigate the Jersey City real estate market. We weren't looking for a property but a home and she found one!

Anitha Stanislaus and Gregory Thanjan

After working with a few realtors,I found Irene to be more professional and helpful than others. She started by asking me some basic questions and laid out some options within my budget before looking for listings. She helped me negotiated the sale price multiple times instead of just pushing me into signing a contract. She always answered phone calls and emails promptly. I really found the right home with the best value. I was new to Jersey City area so she gave me detailed personal guide to shops and restaurants too. I would recommend Irene to anyone looking for their dream home.

Enlin Wen

Irene is awesome and we highly recommend her services to anyone looking to live in JC. The first thing she did was ask us a short series of no-nonsense questions about our ideal home. This seemingly small step saved everyone a lot of time and ensured that we never looked at anything that wasn't a good fit. The other thing that we really appreciated was that she never tried to nudge us into any decisions. We felt that we always had the chance to look at properties and take our time to make up our minds.Moreover, when we asked her what she thought of the real value of a property, she was always straightforward. She was always diligent and on top of details and timing all throughout the process. Her helpful check-ins and willingness to go out of her way to help us get the property we wanted were always appreciated. It's also always good to work with a real state broker who owns property in the area where you're looking to live. As a longtime JC resident, Irene puts her money where her mouth is and is even able to suggest where to eat and buy groceries.

Nikkie Zanevsky and Konstantin Popov

Irene is a real professional. She will understand your needs and will
know what type of an apartment you need even if you don't know exactly
what you're looking for. Irene has provided us with several great
choices, was always available, responded fast to any of our questions.
She helped us find an ideal apartment, and we're really glad we found
Irene and she made our apartment purchase process flawless.

Marina Petrova

 As first time homebuyers, we were in good hands with Irene.  We looked into several realtors before selecting Irene, and her responsiveness and professionalism impressed us.  She understood what we were looking for and didn't waste our time looking at places that did not fit our criteria.  She is very knowledgeable about Jersey City and answered the many questions we had along the way.   She was accessible and helped us resolve any issues that arose throughout the process.  Many thanks Irene for helping us find our first home!

Tracy Tsai and Brian Zhang

Irene is a real pro and working with her was a pleasure. We felt that
she was really looking out for us and left no stone unturned as we
searched for a new place to live. Irene was always very responsive and
she has such a great, upbeat personality that it was fun to be with
her. She also helped us to sell our apartment in record time. We would
wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy or sell
a property.

Shulamit and Oded Shneider

Irene Barnaby is by far the most professional and responsive Realtor we have worked with, in the Jersey City Area.  We were first time buyers, and she treated us like we were her number one priority.  She really understands the Market, and the pros and cons of each area.  She was extremely informative and patient with us, every step of the way.

Irene really listens to your needs, and pushes the limits to get things done.  She puts her clients first, even if the outcome does not favor her.  We would recommend her services to anyone and everyone, as she is truly dedicated to her work, and really understands how to get the job done.

Elif Karacay and Jake Sherwood

We actually spoke to and preliminarily worked with 2 other realtors before connecting with Irene. Our first experiences with other realtors in the area were less than ideal, but when we began working with Irene it was a breath of fresh air!  She really tried to get to know our style and taste, and asked lots of questions and to get know us in order to better help us find the right place.  We have and will recommend Irene to anyone who is looking to purchase in Jersey City.

Simone Bott and Marc Weber

I had the wonderful experience of working with Irene approximately a year and a half ago.  I had an exceptional experience.  Irene made the buying process extremely easy, pleasant and comfortable for me.  She was able to work around my schedule, keeping my needs in mind with exceptional sense of professionalism.  She never made me feel rushed and she made sure she explained all the different options I had.  She was extremely honest, explaining the market potential of the various areas and houses we were viewing together.  She never made me feel as if the only thing in her mind was a quick sell, as many others do.  Honestly, while working with Irene I often felt as if I were the only client she had, simply due to her dedication towards my satisfaction as a potential home buyer.  She did something that most Realtor tend to neglect; she listened to my needs and wants.  Due to her extensive knowledge of the market, she was able to find the perfect place for me.  The day Irene took me to see my now home, I walked through the front door and without looking at the rest of the place I knew that was it.  Anyone who is looking for someone who is willing to work hard; who is honest, and most importantly, someone who cares, should look for no other Realtor other than Irene Barnaby.  After working with Irene you will realize that you have not one acquired a good Realtor, you’ve gained a friend.”

Kathia Jackson

Irene knows Hoboken and Jersey City extremely well and was able to show me a wide range of condos in diverse neighborhoods. This was critical as I was completely new to the area. She was always cheerful and easy to work with. When it came down to contract negotiation, Irene was able to move things forward when even my attorney couldn’t. As a result, I now have a wonderful condo in a great location!

Jeok Seok

We were impressed by Irene’s professionalism and proactive approach. Irene sold our first JC condo above our asking price in less than a week and put us in our current JC condo, which we purchased well below the asking price.  Irene not only delivers great results, but she’s truly a pleasure to work with.  And you won’t find anyone who knows the JC real estate market better than Irene.

Rina and Peter Grassotti

We bought our apartment inJersey Citythrough Irene Barnaby. Although the apartment we bought was the first one we had seen and liked, Irene patiently showed all other apartments in the area. She is very thorough and has great knowledge of the area. She worked around our crazy schedules to patiently show all potential good buys till be we were completely satisfied and convinced about our decision.

All in all, we are happy with our home and very thankful to Irene for her great service.

Sumit and Avni Arora

In my line of work I work with realtors or all kinds and Irene has raised the bar with her responsiveness and professionalism. Without her guidance, local knowledge and willingness to fight for us, my wife and I would never have been able to complete the purchase of our new home in Hoboken. Throughout the process she exhibited a level of understanding and patients that I have never witnessed in a realtor. She thought of every detail, everything from garage door access codes to whether our couches would fit in the elevator. Even after the completion of our sale, when most realtors are long gone, she would check in and make sure that everything was going smoothly with our new home.  Irene is no longer our realtor, she is a family friend.

James and Holly Puleo

Irene has been friendly and easy going throughout the whole process of buying my condo. She didn’t mind going numerous times to see the apartment and helped diligently till the end. I am looking forward to buying some time soon and use her services again. I would recommend Irene to anyone looking for a house to sell or buy.

Javier De Miguel

Irene helped my husband and I buy our first place.  We didn’t know the first thing about real estate and she really helped us through the process.  Even after we found our condo and moved in she has still remained accessible to us with any questions or concerns we have.  Recently when a friend of mine was thinking of buying a place in Jersey City, I put them in touch with Irene and she successfully found them a condo as well.  Irene is knowledgeable about the market, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Cyndi and Damien De Rosaire

Irene has been friendly and easy going througout the whole process of buying my condo. She didn´t mind going numerous times to see the apartment and helped diligently till the end. I am looking forward to buying  some time soon and will be sure to use her services again. I would recommend Irene to anyone looking for a house to sell or buy.

Javier De Miguel

We had been searching for a house in Brooklyn for 8 months before shifting our search to Jersey City.  During that 8 month period, we worked with numerous brokers, and were continually left unimpressed.
Our experience working with Irene, however, was completely different. She was always professional, extremely responsive and actually listened to what we wanted in a place.  Thanks to her, our search in Jersey City
only took 2 weeks!  She's got tremendous knowledge of the area, knows the pros and cons of the larger developments, and has been great in helping us adjust to the area by recommending vendors, grocery stores,
etc.  Thanks to Irene, our search in Jersey City was painless!

Harand and Sapreet Saluja

Irene went above and beyond, addressing our concerns quickly, whether it be late at night or on the weekends. Irene seemed more like an adviser who was available to us 24/7. As first time home buyer, Irene's professionalism and knowledge of the process put our anxiety at ease. Even after closing, Irene was there to help us get in touch with the necessary people to make sure that we were not left alone with our concerns. Thanks to her diligent effort, we found a place and her negotiation skills helped bring the price within our budget.
We would definitely recommend Irene to anybody looking to buy or sell their home.
Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. You are truly amazing Realtor, I can see that you will be very successful!

Emi and Eric Olson

My fiancé and I called Weichart randomly when looking for our first condo in Jersey City, NJ.  The person on the other end of the line, Irene Barnaby, let us know that we had called the right place and that we were speaking with the right person for our search.  Irene was nothing but a professional from the beginning.  From when we first spoke with Irene, she was very knowledgeable of the area, but more importantly, Irene is an extremely motivated person and will go to all ends to satisfy her client.  When one place wasn't exactly what we were looking for, Irene would send us additional listings, at all hours of every day of the week and then follow up with us to gauge our interest and get our availability to see the new listings.  Finally, another important and hard to find quality in a real estate broker, Irene is very personable which made this stressful process that much easier and more enjoyable.  Overall, my fiancé and I were extremely satisfied with Irene's services and would strongly recommend her to any of our closest friends and family.

Jared Jacobson and Amy Kahan

Buying or selling we believe this is your real estate agent.  From her initial quick response, as other agents seemed to delay their first appointment, Irene was there the next day. Her preparedness was exceptional as she already had the marketing plan laid out prior to our first meeting- that was excellant. Irene was also fair by not setting our expectations with a unrealistic sale price.  She pointed out every reason why each comparable house was higher or lower, showing her detail and thoroughness as well as intimate knowledge of the Jersey City area.  Irene brought in potential buyer after buyer.  As a seller, it was important to have someone very attentive to our personal needs and Irene picked up all of our phone calls and returned emails almost immediately.  Irene was out of the country on vacation and even responded the same day!  Even in a declining market she will hold your hand till the close. Call her and find out!

David McMullan

I was looking for a condo for two years and felt like I was hitting a wall over and over again.  The search was getting time consuming, irritating  and hopeless.  Brokers did not take the time to ask me what I was interested  in and just dragged me on a  spree of condos.  Irene took her time to really find out what I was looking
for and did not waste my time.  I looked at 3 places with her and after a two year battle with other brokers Irene found the perfect apartment for me in a matter of two weeks. She listens to what you are
looking for, rather than trying to tell you or steer you in any direction. Irene is thorough and detail oriented.  I felt confident and comfortable that I made a perfect choice with my decision to purchase my condo. Irene is an amazing professional.  She has a wonderful engaging style and manner.  I cannot imagine a better real
estate agent.  She is a specialist in her field. I am sure that all clients who work with her recommend her to others.  Irene is definitely an asset to her organization.  She is highly recommended.

Ronald Dvorsky

I had worked with two other realtors before becoming frustrated and turned to the services of Irene Barnaby. What a breath of fresh air!  She was extremely responsive and her follow-up was the best that I have seen both initially and through the entire buying process.

She looked at the "pros" of each property and thought about any potential "cons."  I have heard from her at least twice since buying my condo in Jersey City.  It's only been two weeks!  Very impressive follow-up!  Once to let me know about other condos that have recently sold in my building to compare prices and at least one other time to see how I was settling into my new place.  I have purchased a number of properties over the past 15 years and she by far has raised the bar of performance for her colleagues.   Anyone thinking about obtaining a top realtor, need to try Irene first.

Douglas Pace

Dear Irene,

I am writing this letter to express my deep gratitude for the excellent service I received from you at the time I was purchasing 4 family house inJersey City. You were persistent on answering every little question I had about the property and surrounding area.  You were punctual on all our appointments. You have worked on my schedule and made your self available at any time I needed your support. All professionals (Lowers, contractors, inspectors) suggested by you had been a great help. Your knowledge of the local market is outstanding, your timing impeccable and your attitude and personality are incredible.  

All of this made my purchase experience pleasant and profitable.

Thank you so much and I hope to work with you again.

Thankful customer and proud Jersey City landlord.

Eric Milov

We are first time buyers and were lucky to find Irene when we walked into Weichert's office on Grove St. She is very friendly and brings tremendous energy making the house hunting process a lot of fun. She has been extremely helpful during this rather stressful process. We almost lost the places but thanks to Irene's commitment and persistence with the Seller and their Realtor we got our first home. She is dedicated and has excellent response times. She is honest and reliable which is hard to find in this profession. Thanks for your help Irene, it was a pleasure working with you and we would highly recommend her to all our friends and family looking for a place in the Jersey City/Hoboken area.

Aseem and Garvita Kapur

Working with Irene was a pleasure throughout the entire real-estate purchasing process.  During the searching process, I felt as if she really went out of her way to help narrow my search to properties that were appropriate for my needs.  She was full of advice during the negotiation phase and I knew she really was looking out for my best interests.  During the period leading up to closing, she would get answers to my questions promptly and always had a friendly, cooperative, & professional attitude.  She even attended my closing which is something not all agents do.  I would and will use her again without question.

Nick Della Valle

As a real estate professional in NYC I have extremely high standards and I must say that the team of Irene Barnaby Daniel Pelosi not only met them but exceeded my every expectation!! I found Irene and Daniel to be extremely knowledgeable, and professional. They took extreme care in presenting my exclusive and their attention to detail was absolutely impeccable. They responded to all of my inquiries quickly and in the end produced a result that my husband and I were very happy with...the sale of our condo. I plan on using them again in the very near future and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for experienced realtors to guide them through the sale or purchase of property in New Jersey.

Michelle Johnson

After a short discovery process in which my fiance and I briefed Irene on our wishlist for a new home, she began taking us out to just those places that fit our criteria. Just 3 outings later, we found a place that exceeded our expectations in every respect! Irene then held our hand through the extended purchase process and even after we closed she continued to counsel us as new home owners. In short, Irene is a hard worker, a tenacious negotiator and at the same time a really nice and normal person. The perfect combo!

Shani Friendman and Joanna Scarsone

We were first time home buyers who needed to be walked though every step of this process and Irene was very helpful. There was never any pressure and she was always very quick to respond to all our questions and inquiries. We went through a few real estate agents before her so we know first hand how different she was from the majority of other agents. From the very beginning to end, this process was full of ups and downs and lots of stress but she never gave up on us and always kept positive. We would definitely not be in our wonderful condo today without her!

Gabriella Murphy

Though it seems impossible to imagine buying a house without Irene, we only met her by chance at an open house.  Immediately, we knew that she was the ideal realtor for us. She is professional, personable, and dedicated. Since we were first-time home buyers, Irene provided us with information, while never pushing for a hard sell. When we had problems with financing or homeowners' associations, she was always focused on our best interest. I simply cannot imagine a real estate agent working harder for a client than Irene did. She responded immediately to all of our questions, and when problems arose (and many did), she made ten phone calls for every one that we made. Now that we are in our beautiful new home, we are happy to include Irene among our friends. She is, for us, an important part of what makes our new community, Jersey City, so special.

Ben Medley and Gerry Miligan

Irene is a fantastic realtor. She stuck with us through a long process and never gave up on our dream of buying a home. Irene is knowledgeable, accommodating and full of information that will help guide any potential home-buyer through the process. Thanks to Irene, we have our perfect home!

Kinjal and Gerry Nicholls

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